Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What is MOMS® Club?

What is MOMS® Club?

MOMS Club® stands for "Moms Offering Moms Support."

The International MOMS Club® is an organization that supports stay-at- home Moms. Chapters are created geographically and our chapter covers the Lionville/Exton area and includes all Moms of children attending Uwchlan Hills Elementary school. Any Mom can join the MOMS Club. The international organization was created to support stay-at-home Moms; our chapter is true to this ideal, but also includes many Moms who work part or full-time. They join us for events that fit into their schedule, and we welcome them.

Most MOMS Club activities are DURING THE DAY when you are home with your children and need support. Our favorite activities are the weekly playgroups. We have playgroups for infants up to half-day kindergarteners. These playgroups are a great way for Moms to connect with other Moms who have children the same age. It is also a great way for children who will attend Uwchlan Hills Elementary School to get to know their future classmates BEFORE they even attend the school or for homeschooled children to meet their neighborhood peers. Playgroups aren't the only fun we have, here are more things that we do:

-Holiday Parties
-Lunch Bunches
-Weekly Outings
-Impromptu Playdates
-Morning Coffee Meetups
-Music Classes
-Moms' Night Out
-Service Projects Benefitting Children

On an international level, the MOMS Club is a non-profit and nondenominational organization with more than 2,000 chapters worldwide. This chapter serves Moms whose children are in the Downingtown Area School District and whose children would be attending Uwchlan Hills Elementary School. To find another chapter, visit the International MOMS Club® website:

We would love to have you join our chapter! You may attend up to two meetings before deciding to join. To sign up you need to fill out the membership application, liability form, and pay a yearly $20.00 fee.

To join please contact our membership VP:

Stephanie Pace at or

For other questions contact our Chapter President: 

Keri Riley, or

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