Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December Newsletter

Hello MOMS Club® of Uwchlan Hills, PA,

Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year again and a great time to be a Mother. It is so fun to celebrate all the excitement of the holidays with little ones (and not so little ones!) in the house.  

First things first, we’d like to welcome two new members: TT and KQ. Welcome! T and her husband C and their 11 month old daughter, P, live on BL in Downingtown. K and her husband K and their two sons L and A live on C Drive. Please reach out and welcome them into our club.

November was a pretty quiet month on the MOMS Club front. We had a fun outing to see the Juggling Hoffmans at the Exton Square Mall. Several of us also enjoyed a successful morning coffee at my home. We discussed MNOs and club activities. One main point we’d like to share is this: our Uwchlan Hills MOMS Club is run solely off of your volunteering your time, your home, and your friendship. Please jump in, post events, activities, host playgroups, and etc.

We have several activities to look forward to this month. The MOMS Club Holiday party will be held on December 15th so be on the lookout for the Facebook event. We’re also meeting up for breakfast and our monthly club meeting “Morning Coffee” at a recommended spot in Downingtown. Bring the kids – yes, they’ll be loud and make a mess, but we’ll all be there together for moral support and fun! Also, I’m offering a gingerbread house decorating activity; this activity will be limited to 8 kids. A is hosting a Moms Night In – thank you! This should be a great evening, so come join us. C already has our January MNO on the calendar – be sure to RSVP for this event. It is a women’s self-defense class; the last time our club did this activity it was a hit (hahaha). I didn’t attend, but I wished I had because I heard about it for weeks!

As always, thanks for your friendship & fun. Join us for any activities you can and have a wonderful holiday season!

Happy Holidays–Stephanie