Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July President's Letter

MOM Club® of Uwchlan Hills, PA
July 2015
I first heard about the MOMS Club® from a friend who described play groups, craft days, MNOs, holiday parties, and as if that wasn’t enough weekly or daily activities with real live adults and kids. I sat in awed disbelief remembering the rows and rows of empty squares on my calendar that equated to me entertaining my two year old M all by myself. We had just moved to Pennsylvania from Utah, and I didn’t know a single soul within a thousand mile radius, plus R had just started a new job that occupied his every thought 12 hours a day. Needless to say I was LONELY and BORED.

Several years later I finally came to terms with our permanence in the East, and I finally joined the MOMS Club®. My first event was a play group for two year-old C. I pulled up and went into a beautifully decorated house, with an amazing spread of organic snacks for kids and adults, everyone seemed put together and knew each other, and I felt about 2 centimeters big. They were all kind, but I was severely tempted to crawl back into my lonely bubble and stay in the warm security of not knowing anyone. But I didn’t. I kept going, and I started to get to know these wonderful women and their lovable kids. I didn’t let my insecurities about lack of decorating talent, my love of pesticide covered food, and sometimes disheveled life stop me from developing friendships.

Let me tell you what I love about the MOMS Club®.  I love having something to do with my kids during the day. I love getting to know people who do everything that I know nothing about. I love that I can go to M and C’s author’s days, field days, or other Uwchlan Hills activities and not feel like an outsider.  And most important, I love that when we had the stomach bug my MOMS Club friends brought us dinner, left bubbles in our mailbox from an activity we missed, and asked how we were.  And when my Dad had emergency open heart surgery two months ago, and I had to drop everything to fly home to Nevada and comfort my Mother – it was my MOMS Club friends who were so gracious and kind and picked up my kids from school, drove them to already-paid-for swimming lessons, and helped in so many ways. That’s what MOMS Club really is.

So please step out of your busy schedule this year and do something for yourself – make a friend and be a friend in the MOMS Club®.
-Stephanie Pace
President Uwchlan Hills Chapter

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