Thursday, October 1, 2015

October President's Letter

Hello MOMS Club® of Uwchlan Hills PA, 

Happy Fall to you and your family. It was great to see so many of you at our Fall Kick Off party last week. J and K did a fantastic job putting it together and we’re grateful for their efforts. The pinecone birdfeeders were super cute; I know the birds in my backyard are enjoying them. Thank you to C for putting together the Mom’s Night Out at Painting with A Twist. You ladies did some good work! Playgroups have been up and running. Our playgroup gurus have been putting playgroup meet ups on the Facebook calendar. This is especially helpful to new members, so thank you.

S was able to help the preschool playgroup host an activity this month: mini golf at Rossi. We had a great outing on a beautiful day and we were happy to be joined by M and M.

Earlier this week we had a Morning Coffee hosted by R; we appreciate her willingness to open her home to the group. At our monthly club meeting, aka morning coffee, we discussed some club business. First, S has things moving along for our yearly charity event: Alex’s Lemonade Stand. She’s doing a terrific job heading this up. J has been so gracious to host this event for the last TEN YEARS! So a big thanks to her. Please support our club’s charitable efforts by signing up to bring something, to put up signs, to help run the stand, or to help in some other way.

We also discussed a few other topics: having speakers come to our morning coffee meetings, using our Facebook page to list children’s items for sale, whether we continue to schedule activities outside of playgroups, and using a survey to meet your needs/interests better. I will create a survey later this month to gauge your interest in these topics, so be looking for that.

Our club has been growing, we have many new members. Please reach out to them and invite them to attend activities. Our newest member is A C. She and her husband S have three children: K, J, and P. They’ve already attended several activities and we’ve enjoyed getting to know her – welcome to the MOMS Club!

One last note, we will be starting a “Halloween Ghost” within the club this month. When you are “Booed” you can go to this website to carry on the fun tradition to other families. Please do your best to spread our Phantom so it can reach through all of the club in the month of October. Happy Fall & Happy Halloween.-Stephanie

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